Racevermont.com runners clock in

Racevermont.com hosted its first sprint triathlon of the season on Saturday July 6. The following local residents completed the 500-yard-swim, 15.8-mile bike, and 5K run in the following times:

David Connery of Shelburne, 1:05:40.4 (2nd)

Nick Archer of Shelburne, 1:10:54.3 (8th)

Michael Torney of Shelburne, 1:15:23.5 (14th)

Jeff Alexander of Shelburne, 1:16:53.3 (16th)

Jason Grignon of Shelburne, 1:22:09.7 (22nd)

Allan David Miller of Shelburne, 1:25:45.6 (32nd)

Jack M Torney of Shelburne, 1:26:30.3 (33rd)

Kyala Schenck of Shelburne, 1:33:17.9 (53rd)

Sally R Torney of Shelburne, 1:33:52.8 (57th)

Sam P Torney of Shelburne, 1:33:53.2 (58th)

David Eric Congalton of Shelburne, 1:39:52.0 (65th)

Aaron Stief of Shelburne, 1:55:05.4 (79th)

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