Flo Meiler named Game Changer

Aug-1-S-Humana-Game-Changer-SShelburne resident Flo Meiler, at right, was recognized as a Humana Game Changer with a congratulatory medal from Phyllis Anderson, vice president of marketing for Humana at the 2013 National Senior Games in Cleveland, Ohio. Meiler is one of five senior athletes who earned the recognition through their spirit of determination, personal strength, and dedication to their sport. Shelburne’s illustrious game changer won the following at the National Senior Games last week: a gold medal in the pole vault, high jump, and triple jump; a silver in the hammer throw and long jump; fourth place in the 100m dash, discus throw, 200m dash; and seventh place in the javelin throw and shot put.

Photo by Ted Wathen

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