Actions applauded

Kudos to Rod MacIver for taking the town/police department to task for an illegal stop/ticket. Seems lately that there have been a number of questionable police actions denying us our basic rights as citizens and no one does anything about it. This year I have had 2 blatantly illegal intrusions on my property and people. After complaining to the Chief, Sgt. and Corporal, I finally had a sit down with the Chief. He admitted that what happened was illegal but nothing happens. Maybe Rod will take up my case. But regardless of my complaints I just don’t understand why lying under oath doesn’t get a police officer fired?  And also, it’s admirable that Sgt. Fortin stood up for his officer but wrong is wrong. What were you thinking? Looks like the police department could use a remedial course in basic constitutional rights, not how to circumvent them. The old “swerved over the center line” as a reason for stopping you isn’t going to fly anymore with video cameras on police cars. Please Shelburne Police, I love you but stop this! Stop or search anyone you want if you have a legitimate reason but do not make one up.

John Blanchard, Shelburne

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