What Shelburne reads: the history of the Shelburne News

MastheadThe Shelburne News was first published in 1967 as “Shelburne: A Newsletter” by resident Phylis Deming (see related story on page 5). The newsletter was printed at a local print shop and distributed to local stores and businesses on a monthly basis; contributions and volunteers supported the entire project. In time, Ellen Janson became the editor. In October 1978, the paper was first printed in the tabloid form. The last issue of the Shelburne News, as a project of the League of Women Voters, was published in March 1979.

The South County News began covering the news of Shelburne, as well as Charlotte, Hinesburg, and St. George a month later. On Sept. 29, 1981, after the demise of the South County News, the news of Shelburne was included in the Suburban List newspaper, which dissolved in 1982 and allowed for The League of Women Voters to restart the newsletter.
Two years later, the Shelburne News was reborn and began selling advertising to support the cost of mailing, becoming a weekly paper in 1992. The paper operated as Shelburne News Inc, a non-profit entity, until 1994, leading into the incorporation of ETF Publishing a year later. Shelburne residents Mary Candon, Judith Christensen, Susan Davis, Rosalyn Graham, Monique Rameaka, and Alice Winn were ETF Publishing Inc. owners.

In 1999, ETF Publishing, Inc. began Destination Vermont, a monthly publication partially supported by the Burlington International Airport. Destination Vermont highlights all the things that make Vermont special. Currently a quarterly publication, Destination Vermont has evolved into an arts and culture magazine, featuring Vermont people, restaurants, businesses, and activities for locals and tourists alike.

Wind Ridge Publishing Inc. (WRP) became the owner of the Shelburne News, Destination Vermont, and the View in January 2007. WRP purchased The Charlotte Citizen four years later, publishing its first edition on May 12, 2011. A few months hence, The Charlotte Citizen began publishing the local news of Hinesburg and the name of the newspaper became The Citizen to reflect the transformation.

In 2010, Partnership Publishing was initiated following its first book publication and the work of a Shelburne News columnist, Marilyn Neagley. This preliminary foray into book publishing resulted in a gold medal for Neagley’s book “Walking through the Seasons” at the annual Independent Publishers awards; subsequently, WRP has continued to publish the Voices of Vermonters and local authors’ books, winning other awards and medals. In December of last year WRP created a separate sister company, Wind Ridge Books of Vermont (WRBVT), a division committed to its book publishing efforts and also offering the Writers’ Barn, a community space to hold writers workshops and other programs. WRBVT has published 16 titles thus far, with three new titles to be released in the next few weeks. WRBVT also houses Red Barn Books, a second book-publishing imprint offering Wind Ridge’s professional services for independent authors, with 12 titles to date.

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