Shelburne School Board opens up communication

By Gail Callahan
As the academic year wraps up, the Shelburne Community School Board is poised to wrap up its meeting schedule as it weighs options on personnel, finances, and welcoming a new co-principal.
During the 40-minute meeting which drew no audience, the Board heard from Shelburne Community School Co-Principal Allan Miller who informed Directors about the continued support of staff and students by the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). The PTO sponsored a visit by artist-in-residence Jon Gilmour to the school. “It was a tremendous success,” said Miller.
Additionally, Miller informed School Directors that 70 pounds of food from the school cafeteria is slated to be turned into compost, feeding chickens and pigs. “The challenge is for the kindergarten to scrap their plates and still have time for recess,” joked Miller.
Miller also said the school’s flower gardens are blooming and look “lovely” and the staff and students are excited about vegetable gardens at the site. “This place is looking fantastic.”
Miller also noted that about 70 students met at the Green at 7:30 am to walk to school and will continue to do so for the remainder of the year. Miller also invited Board members to join the stroll.
Miller went onto note that new Co-Principal Pati Beaumont, formerly a Co-Principal in Rutland Town, visited the Shelburne Community School in early May. Calling the visit and reviews, “nothing but a success,” Miller is eager to welcome her when she starts in July. She replaces Allegra Miller.
As the meeting progressed, Board Chairman Russ Caffry told fellow School Directors that all schools in the Chittenden County Supervisory Union and the Supervisory Union itself are working to adopt a single, uniform mission statement. Shelburne’s Board unanimously approved the missive.
Schools throughout the Supervisory Union are also in favor of drafting and implementing an energy policy, but the one now in play isn’t supported. During the upcoming school year, Boards hope to write and put into place new energy guidelines. At the same time, the Charlotte School Board is discussing use of school facilities by non-school groups,” Caffry said.
Caffry also outlined a brief schedule for the Board’s June 1 retreat. He said the K-grade eight Boards will meet from 8 am-noon and then the Supervisory Union will meet in the afternoon. A keynote address by Chittenden South Supervisory Union Superintendent Elaine Pickney is also part of the day Caffry noted. Caffry also talked about future topics for Board’s Corner, a column that appears in the Shelburne News. Among the items the Board would like to see featured either in the space or showcased as an article is Beaumont’s arrival at Shelburne Community School.


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