News from the Pierson Library

Shelburne Day is almost upon us. If you haven’t met the new library director, Lara Keenan, make sure to stop by the Pierson Library booth and say hi. Lara will be there to meet and greet Shelburne residents and other community members. While you’re there don’t forget to enter your name into a drawing for a handmade lap quilt!

Congratulations to everyone who entered into the competition for a Nook reader. We were amazed at the number of pages everyone read over the summer. If you haven’t turned in your reading log yet, there is still time to do so and collect a prize. We love finding out what everyone has read over the summer.

Aug-3-T-Library“If You Were Here” by Alafair Burke
Review by Gene Schinto

McKenna Jordan is a former New York City prosecutor turned journalist. Working on a story about an unidentified woman who saved a teenager from an oncoming subway train, McKenna views a video of the event. She strongly suspects the rescuer is Susan Hauptman, a close friend. Susan disappeared a decade ago, believed by the police to be dead. McKenna embarks on a search across Manhattan for the truth. This sets into motion a series of heart-pumping events to include false identities, betrayals, and more than one homicide.  “If You Were Here” with its highly complex plot is simply and carefully told. Alafair Burke’s novel of suspense keeps you guessing and not likely to guess right.

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