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The Communications Committee – a subcommittee of the CVU School Board – is pleased to be collaborating with CVU school personnel to provide monthly submissions to the Shelburne News. This year, as last, we will focus on a range of topics in an effort to inform the community about school-based initiatives.

As the new school year begins, Jeff Evans is stepping in to the role of Interim Principal at CVU. We asked Jeff to provide the public with some information about his background and to talk briefly about his plans for the coming school year.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your background.  How will it inform your decision-making at CVU?
A: I started coaching varsity basketball at CVU in 1991, did my student teaching at CVU in ‘92, and began teaching English in ‘93. I became a house director in 2011. Before that, I umpired professional baseball for 10 years. In terms of my background informing decision-making, I think having such an extensive experience at CVU provides me with an acute understanding of the culture of CVU and historical context to aid me in the decision-making process.

Q: Given that this is a one-year interim position, what are your priorities for the coming school year?
A: To provide stability, to continue CVU’s tradition of building relationships between and among faculty, students, staff, and families, and to execute the next steps in the Evolve initiative*.

Q: There are a number of initiatives CVU has been focusing on over the last several years. Talk a little about those initiatives that you see as high priorities for the coming year. If you plan to introduce any new ones, please describe those as well.
A: The Evolve initiative has three distinct components: standards-based learning (SBL), electronic portfolios (VIEW), and alternate pathways (GOAL). Students will continue to pilot the GOAL program as we hone the process. The focus for VIEW this year will be on integrating student portfolios into the classroom experience; the focus for SBL will be on identifying standards-aligned learning targets for units of study.

Q: What do you see as some of the challenges and opportunities that are unique or particularly important to the CVU community?
A: In a school CVU’s size, a considerable challenge is creating an environment that personalizes the learning experience and does not treat students as nameless, faceless numbers on an ID card. Relationship-building is a primary focus; the house system helps accomplish this, as do many other systems such as advisory. It’s essential that students feel connected to members of the student body, faculty, and staff.

Q: CVU’s influence goes beyond those who have daily contact with the school. What message would you like to send out to all residents of the sending towns?
A: CVU’s success is a reflection of the value our communities and families place on education. Our communities are filled with adults who model the skills and values we aspire to instill in our students. I feel honored to work at a school where its students are so well-supported at home and in their communities.

Shelburne Representatives to the CVU School Board:
Susan Grasso 985-0604
Susan Holson 985-2452
Joan Lenes 985-8515

*Note: The Evolve initiative is an ongoing effort to make CVU education more intentional and personalized for individual students’ needs. The initiative and its components will be the subject of “News from CVU” articles in the coming months.

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