Safety Spot: School’s open, safety first

Jim Buell, 2nd Assistant Chief
Shelburne Fire Department

As the summer winds down, fall brings many changes and one of those is that school is now back in session. With that, our responsibilities change, and as vehicle operators, we need to take an extra moment and make sure we are:
• Watching out for the children walking or riding bikes to school.
• Watching out for the children waiting for the bus.
• Stopping for school buses flashing their lights – look out for kids whose focus is on the bus, not you.
• Making sure you are following the crossing guard’s directions – they are there to protect the children making their way to school and back home again at the end of the day.

Please don’t park in the circle at Shelburne Community School. If you need to leave your vehicle, even “for a minute,” please park over at Davis Park and escort your child over to the building to take those items over for them that they need in the classroom. It is VERY important that room be left for emergency vehicle access to the building.

Don’t wait on the railroad tracks on Harbor Road. Wait to cross if traffic is backed up, and remember to leave room for the gate when it drops so it doesn’t hit your vehicle.

Thank you for helping us keep our town safe. And remember:  fire prevention/safety isn’t just one week of the year but all 52!

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