Development Review Board denies Palmer appeal

By Carol Casey

At its meeting on Aug. 21, the Development Review Board (DRB) denied the appeal by David Palmer of the notice of violation he received for operating a firewood production and wood processing business without a permit on his property at 331 Shelburne-Hinesburg Road.  Because his land is located in a rural zoning district and forestry is not a permitted use, the DRB had to deny the appeal. The notice of violation was initially instigated by Palmer’s neighbors, the McAveys, who complained about the noise and alleged that the nature of the operation had changed from processing wood for the Palmer’s farm and sugar house to processing off-site wood from for sale and delivery. The McAveys stated that their intent was simply to have the wood processing operation moved to another part of the Palmer property rather than to shut down the business. However, as a result of their complaint, the wood processing operation will cease unless Palmer requests permission from the Planning Commission for wood processing in the rural district.

In the public comment portion of the meeting Mark Sammut, the chair of the DRB, announced openings on the Board for one member and two alternates.  He encouraged interested residents of Shelburne to apply.

The DRB also:
• Approved Design Review Applications by Pamela Blair Goldstein for adding a rear deck and stairs at 5971 Shelburne Road, and by Laura Cawley for the installation of French doors, steps, and a shed dormer at 801 Falls Road.
• Denied an application for a variance for Andrew Richardson’s garage at 107 Maple Leaf Lane. (A portion of the garage is located within the setback. Richardson is likely to seek a boundary line adjustment in cooperation with the neighboring property owner.)
• Approved a boundary line adjustment application by Maurice Dubois for two lots located at 5110 and 5153 Route 116.
• Continued an application by Gary and Paul Warner at their request for an amendment to the Final Plan for Rivercrest Estates to accommodate a stone patio at 95 Aspen Circle.
• Approved a Conditional Use Amendment removing a restriction requiring only one-bedroom apartments at a multi-family dwelling at 4253 Shelburne Road. David Andrus, on behalf of William and Susan Andrus, presented documentation that the original restriction was imposed because of limited sewer allocation, and now more sewer capability is available.

The next meeting of the DRB will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 4 at 7 pm in the Municipal Center.

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