Hannaford contributes more than $2,000 to SCS

Hundreds of Vermont schools received funds through program

Hannaford Supermarkets announced that the 12th annual Hannaford Helps Schools program raised more than $750,000 to benefit students in five states. In Vermont, 240 schools received a total of $72,581 toward the purchase of needed items such as computers, sporting equipment, and playground gear.  Shelburne Community School received $2,053 through the Hannaford Helps Schools program.
“Hannaford Helps Schools makes it possible for schools to provide something extra, at a time when most districts are facing difficult budget choices,” said Eric Blom, Hannaford spokesman.  “Educators can be creative in using the funds provided through Hannaford Helps Schools. They decide for themselves how to use the contribution to best serve their students and their community.”
The top five beneficiaries for Vermont were:
Georgia Elementary School (St. Albans) — $2,281
Williston Central School — $2,179
Milton Elementary School — $2,164
Swanton Elementary School — $2,077
Shelburne Community School — $2,053
Hannaford customers generated donations for their local school by purchasing participating products between Sept. 4 and Dec. 3, 2011.  These customers received “school dollars” and deposited them in collection towers at their local Hannaford, where they directed the funds to the school of their choice.

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