RETN Channel 16 launches new services, logo, website

During Burlington’s South End Art Hop, Sept. 6 and 7, Regional Educational Television Network (RETN) Channel 16 will unveil a new logo and website in a celebration designed to showcase the organization’s new approach to serving the community. For more than 20 years, RETN has deployed its staff primarily to record, edit, and air educational programs in the community; now the organization will focus more on teaching people how to do it themselves.

With the prevalence of smart phones, tablets, and affordable video cameras, many people now own the tools to create video but lack the skills or confidence to use the tools well. The training is available to teachers, students, community members, and staff at nonprofit organizations and businesses who want to use technology to produce educational content.

“Our fundamental mission hasn’t changed, but the world around us has,” says Scott Campitelli, executive director of RETN. “Our training enables people to use these powerful new tools to produce something more creative, significant, and of better quality than they otherwise could.”

RETN also lends its equipment and production space to community members who have taken the training, airs the programs on cable TV reaching 37,000 households, and makes the programs easily accessible by archiving them on a newly improved Web site,

The new RETN logo, created by Burlington design firm Methodikal, features four colorful squares suggesting both television screens and building blocks. “The image of blocks represents the way RETN builds community by bringing people together,” says Campitelli. “We’re excited about this new direction because it encourages community members, now, more than ever, to get involved in producing and sharing educational videos,” adds Diana Burritt, RETN board member and music teacher at Shelburne Community School. “RETN has the equipment, training and knowledge to make it happen,” she says.

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