The Selectboard faces two issues head on

By Heather McKim

Amendments to the Shelburne Comprehensive Plan and a proposed agreement with Lake Champlain Transportation (LCT) were two of the primary issues on the agenda at the Aug. 27 meeting of the Shelburne Selectboard.

Prior to the public portion of the meeting, members met for an executive session to discuss personnel issues and litigation. Upon reconvening, Village Cemetery groundskeeper Robert O’Brien came before the Selectboard to raise concerns about broken cemetery-related laws. He pointed to illegal burial, among other matters, and said that he has been threatened for having voiced his concerns about the activity. Tim Pudvar expressed that the activities are currently under investigation by both Paul Bohne and the town’s police department.

Marcos Llona approached the Board about excess fill that had been added during work on his Pinehurst Drive property (without a permit) – work that neighbors alleged was within a protected setback of the Munroe Brook. Both Pudvar and Gary von Stange recused themselves from hearing about the issue due to their ties to the involved parties. Llona told members he has done everything to settle the matter. He paid $500 in penalties for the violation and said that he was upset that he recently received a letter from the town’s attorney stating that he will have to pay another $5,000.

Member Toni Supple took up an issue regarding the connector road survey; she provided packets of materials outlining numerous concerns. Supple expressed concerned that the survey had not been run by members prior to it going public. “[It] could change the public’s attitude before it even has a chance to get off the ground,” she said.

Von Stange voiced that he is not against the connector road but is against the town paying for it. Member Al Gobeille said that the matter needs to be on the agenda. Since there are many members of the public who might wish to be present to add their voices to the conversation, the issue should have been warned.

Members spent just over an hour considering amendments to the town’s Comprehensive Plan. The hope had been that the Board would cover Volume 1 through Historic and Cultural Resources during the meeting, but this did not occur.

Members looked for a way to get to a “yes” on entering into a lease agreement with LCT. The company needed a public sponsor for a grant they are pursuing. While it is possible to go through Vermont Economic Development Authority (VEDA), VEDA might not approve the project. It was decided that Bohne would address concerns that were raised with LCT. The issue was then tabled until next meeting.

The Board finished the meeting with numerous matters of new business. Members:

  • Approved a sewer allocation of 210 gallons per day for Lot 4 at Sycamore Drive,
  • Modified the 2013 Grand List,
  • Appointed Dean Pierce as Shelburne’s representative and Annie Geratowski as the town’s alternate representative on the Planning Advisory Committee of the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission,
  • Voted to acknowledge receipt of a report from the Planning Commission regarding their review of expanding the sewer service area,
  • And approved waiving the penalty for the late filing of a Homestead Declaration Form, which had been filed on time but was missing one page.

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