Resident is new face of CVU girls soccer

Sept-1-S-CVU-Soccer-Stan-Williamsby Lettie Stratton

Fans of CVU girls soccer know that longtime varsity head coach Brad Parker retired at the end of last season. Now, as the Lady Redhawks ramp up for the fall 2013 season, they’re fronted by a new face—Shelburne resident Stan Williams.

Parker’s decision to step aside comes after an impressive 25-year career that boasts 340 wins and nearly a dozen Division I state titles. “While at CVU I was blessed with very talented players and supportive parents,” Parker said. “I just felt it was time to join folks on the sidelines and let someone else take over. Going out on a winning note was icing on the cake.”

And Parker knows he is leaving the program in good hands. “Stan was a player at CVU when I started coaching and he continued playing in college before getting involved with youth coaching upon graduation,” Parker said. “Being a teacher he is well organized, gets his point across clearly, and has tons of energy. In addition, he connects with youth quite well.”

Williams has been a teacher at CVU (his alma mater) for 18 years and a soccer coach for 15. He has coached the JV girls, assisted both the Varsity boys and girls, and coached local club soccer. Additionally, Williams is one of the founders and directors of the CVU Soccer School. “Stan possesses a wealth of teaching and coaching experience,” said Kevin Reill, CVU’s director of student activities. “He is very well respected by both players and colleagues.”

So what’s in store for this season? You can expect to see the Lady Redhawks reaching out to alumni and young soccer players in the community. “The girls on the team truly respect all the players that have come before them and realize that they have an obligation to the young girls in our district,” Williams said. “We hope to sponsor a series of events from an alumni game, to a jamboree, to youth games at halftime of Varsity games, to a CVU Soccer Night Out for Kids.”

This year’s team includes eight seniors and 16 returning players, and Williams said everyone is determined to make the most of the season. “It is our hope that we work hard, have fun, and get better each and every game. My number one priority is to make this a fun, positive experience that they will take with them for a lifetime.”

Williams was proud to mention that every player said working with and enjoying their teammates is their favorite part of playing CVU soccer. “They all talked about a feeling of pride that they take in knowing all of the success that the teams before them have had,” Williams added, noting that these conversations shaped this year’s team slogan—Pride, Respect, Team. “The 2013 core of players is solid. They will be a fun team to watch,” Parker added.

“There have been so many wonderful people that have played soccer at CVU over the years and it is my hope that I can take the program in a direction that makes them proud and makes it a place where young players aspire to come and play,” Williams concluded.
“I am so lucky to be working with such a wonderful group of young soccer players, who happen to be an even better group of people!”

Show your Redhawk pride by supporting the team at their second game on Thursday, Sept. 5 at Burlington. For a full schedule and more information, visit

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