Doggie Dos and Don’ts: Dog etiquette at the museum

Sept-1-Dogs-Molly-2All dogs are welcome to join us for the dog party of the year! However, here are a few things to keep in mind, before bringing your pup to a public event:

  • Leashes are required; keep them to six feet or less. Retractable leashes should not be used.
  • For dogs who pull or are difficult to hold onto, consider using a head halter or harness for better control.
  • If your dog is easily excited, exercise before coming to the event; it is a great way to help your dog remain calm at the event.
  • Make sure vaccinations are current.
  • Do not bring an intact male dog or female dog in season.
  • Do not allow your dog to jump on other visitors, and know how your dog responds to children or strangers. Keep a safe distance from others if unsure.
  • Always ask before allowing your dog to approach another dog, person or child. You should also ask (and encourage your kids) to ask permission to pet another dog.
  • Remember to give your dog a break – for food, shade or rest if they need it. There will be plenty of “water stations” available, but you may want to bring some just in case.
  • Limit the size of your dog’s morning meal – there will be plenty of tasty treats!
  • Bring bags for proper pet waste disposal. Not only does fecal matter harbor bacteria, it damages the pristine Museum grounds. So drop it off at one of our poop-raffle stations for a chance to win an awesome prize!

Sept-1-Dogs-MollyDon’t forget about our canine costume competition and parade! Great prizes will be distributed to our first place winners! See event schedule for times and locations.

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