Renowned cellist opens Oratorio Premiere this Sunday

Before Shelburne composer and classical guitarist Sam Guarnaccia performs the Emergent Universe Oratorio, attendees will be treated to a pre-performance by internationally-known musician, Eugene Friesen. The renowned cellist will play unaccompanied for the first 20 minutes followed by the Oratorio on Sunday, Sept. 15 at 3 pm at the Breeding Barn at Shelburne Farms.

The Oratorio weaves together choral and orchestra with spoken readings (recitatives) and tells the story of our 14 billion year evolution, as informed by recent cosmological and quantum discoveries. This “New Story” suggests that insights into the workings of the universe can support our transition to a life sustaining whole Earth community.

“Music is as mysterious and self-determining as any person or phenomenon I have known,” said Guarnaccia. “No one has been more surprised than I, as sounds arise in response to words, ideas, and feelings, in what may ‘emerge’. The continuing unfolding of our universe for 13.8 billion years exemplifies the stunning creativity that surrounds and pervades us, the coming together of new elements giving rise to ever more complex, beautiful, and surprising forms. It is all an unimaginable gift, and to find oneself privileged with the chance to listen for something beautiful to emerge from this greatest of all stories is an ecstatic and humbling experience.”

The Oratorio will be presented in conjunction with the painting series “Endless Spring” by visual artist Cameron Davis. The event is free and open to the public, although donations at the door are gratefully accepted.

For more information about the Oratorio Premiere, visit or call 734-0279.

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