Temple Sinai hosts Perlman Music Program musicians Oct. 27

Sept-3-A-Itzhak-Perlman-SC-USETemple Sinai will host a performance by alumni of the Perlman Music Program, on Sunday, Oct. 27 at 2 pm in South Burlington.

Founded by Toby Perlman nearly 20 years ago, the Perlman Music Program (PMP) began as a summer camp for exceptional string musicians between the ages of 11 and 18. Over time, the program was expanded and offered year-round. Today, PMP offers unparalleled musical training to young string players of rare and special talent. With a world class faculty led by the reigning virtuoso of the violin and Conductor Itzhak Perlman and vibrant programs in Shelter Island, New York City, Florida, Israel, and Vermont, PMP is developing the future leaders of classical music. The annual Stowe Residency allows Vermonters to experience and share in the joys of beautiful music played by the next generation of classical music leaders.

A discussion will follow with Toby and Itzhak Perlman and the musicians. Temple Sinai is located at 500 Swift Street in South Burlington. Tickets are $25. To purchase tickets, please call 760-4634 or visit http://www.sprucepeakarts.org/event/perlman2013 .

The performance is presented in cooperation with the Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center as part of the Perlman Music Program Vermont Residency.

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