Covering the field: Introducing Steele DuBrul

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By Sheri Duff

Steele DuBrul is a great teammate. It may be the first compliment that comes to mind when Champlain Valley Union head football coach Jim Provost discussed his offensive double threat, but it’s not the last. “There are a lot of things to like about this young man,” coach Provost began. “He is a very gifted player in both football and lacrosse, but the first thing I think of with Steele is that he’s a great teammate. He is very likable and works hard. And when he has it cooking, he is fun to watch. If he gets an edge on someone, they will not be able catch him.”

Born on April 10, 1996, DuBrul is a Shelburne native. His family includes parents, Amy and Steele, two younger sisters Paige, a CVU sophomore, and Olivia, an 8th grader at the Shelburne Community School, and two dogs, a yellow lab named Dilly, and a pug named Roxy.

“I first played football when I was in fifth grade,” DuBrul recalled. “I played for the Buccaneers through seventh grade and then didn’t play again until high school.” Today, a senior captain, DuBrul discussed his greatest assets. “I’m definitely not afraid to be loud or speak out…which is a good thing,” he noted. “I’m also known for helping other players.”

He’s happy to help coaches too. “Twenty years from now, when I think of Steele, I will think about him as a gangly, inexperienced sophomore with zero quarterback experience,” said coach Provost. “Our incumbent starter, Drew Nick, was out with an injury so Steele had to start his first varsity game versus St. Johnsbury. It was a very difficult task because we had seven other starters out with injuries. And for me and my son (assistant coach) Tyler, it was the most difficult of times as my mother (Tyler’s grandmother) had passed away earlier in the week, and her funeral was that morning,” he continued.

“My message to the team that week was simple: nothing could bring my mother back. My mind would be elsewhere, so I asked them to not give me a second thing to worry about (meaning preparing for St. Johnsbury). Here I was depending on an inexperienced sophomore and somehow we pulled out a 14-7 win. When it was over I was overwhelmed with emotion and at that very moment, Steele was there to give me a hug. The two of us had a brief conversation right there on the field that I will remember long after my coaching days are over,” Provost commented as he shared a final accolade. “Great player? Check. Great teammate? Check. Count on Steele when the chips are really down? Double check.”

DuBrul, now a CVU senior and a three-year varsity football player, admits to a unique personal game day ritual. “I wear a black cutoff t-shirt for every game,” he informed. “It works for me.” Yes it does. Over three-games DuBrul has carried the ball for 197 yards and has 105 additional passing yards. And it obviously works for the team because they are perfect to start the season.

In addition to football, DuBrul has been an employee of the Automaster every summer since age 12 and is a four-year varsity lacrosse player (his preferred sport) which is linked to his proudest moment. “Winning the lacrosse state championship last year was my greatest achievement,” he said. “We worked so hard for it. And having all that hard work pay off, felt great.”

Ready for another positive experience, DuBrul is contemplating his future. “I’m definitely going to college. I just don’t know where. I’m actually going to a college fair in 30 minutes,” he admitted during our interview. His current indecision is no cause for concern because DuBrul, with his unique combination of skills, intelligence, and commitment, will become a valuable contributor at the college of his choosing.

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