Resident has issue with financial article

I write in response to the financial column by Antoine Williams on p. 5 in the Sept. 12 edition of the Shelburne News.  I do not ordinarily read this column, but the word “energy” caught my eye.

I have come to realize that humanity’s wasteful use of energy is producing an overload of the greenhouse gases that accelerate global warming.  This must not be allowed to continue. We must all learn to limit our energy use in the interest of our earth’s environmental health.  I cannot believe the ignorance of the assertion “the shale gas revolution has done wonders to ease energy angst… Shale gas is cheaper, abundant, and cleaner than any other fossil fuel.”

Newspapers such as the Burlington Free Press and the N.Y. Times almost daily warn us of the dangers of shale gas extraction, “fracking” and such.  These methods destroy farmland, pollute and poison drinkable water, sicken citizens with methane in the air and in drinking water. Recent news items tell the story of popular anger over the proposed pipeline through Vermont mountains just east of Shelburne. The profits of such projects go to the polluters; the harm goes to landowners and neighbors.

“Cheaper” in the short run would be devastating in the long run, with mitigation costs for damages and health costs vastly overbalancing any short-term benefits. Ms. Duff, I hope your newspaper will repudiate this inaccurate and dangerous reasoning.

Martha F. Hoar, Shelburne

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