Police officers honored for safety initiatives

Officer Jason Lawton, left, receives an award from Sgt. Al Fortin.

Chief Jim Warden, left, recognizes Officer Bruce Beuerlein.

With a zero tolerance mindset, Shelburne officers strive to assure roads are safe for the community. Officer Bruce Beuerlein was recognized for his outstanding efforts, which yielded the highest number of impaired driver arrests and convictions. In the 10 years that he has been a member of the department, he has continually strived to not only maintain his vigilance but to expand on his knowledge, resulted in him winning this award five times. Through extensive training, he has achieved the rank of Drug Recognition Expert helping to make highways safer for the community.
Commitment to Safer Highways – Speed Enforcement Efforts
The award for Safer Highways Through Speed Enforcement Efforts is an award that recognizes an officer who strives to make the roads safer for everybody. With the highest number of roadside interactions for speed related issues, Officer Jason Lawton has shown his commitment to traffic safety. As one of the newest officers in the department Officer Lawton started his traffic safety commitment in June of 2011. In the following seven months he surpassed all the other officers in traffic stops. His exuberance for traffic safety has helped to educate many motor vehicle operators.

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