Da Vinci Bodyboard: the answer to all your workout problems

A Da Vinci BodyBoard class in action.

A Da Vinci BodyBoard class in action.

By Lettie Stratton

You know it’s important to exercise every day. But between working, making meals, and taking a moment to just kick back and relax, there’s simply not in enough time in the day. But what if it only took half an hour to see amazing results in your body, energy level, and overall well-being?

The Da Vinci Bodyboard is a revolutionary yet simple workout “machine” that offers the results you crave in a fun, fast manner. Shelburne resident Lissy Wolf is offering Da Vinci Bodyboard classes at Shelburne Health & Fitness, and people are loving them.

“The exercises access every part of your body,” says Wolf. “And it’s fun – you can do it to music.” Wolf said that coupled with Pilates, she has seen amazing results very quickly. “It was really appealing to me,” she noted, “and it resonated with my body.”

Lissy Wolf

Lissy Wolf

“One of the things I really like about BodyBoard classes is that there is so much variety within them,” says Shelburne Health & Fitness Operations Manager Ute Talley. “Not only do our instructors have very different styles, but there are countless exercises you can do on the BodyBoard. No two classes are ever going to be alike.”

The Bodyboard was created by Floery Mahoney, an old friend of Wolf’s who also happened to be her first Pilates instructor. She and her revolutionary workout invention were recently featured on WCAX.

The Bodyboard is basically a wooden plank with elastic bands attached to the sides and ends—but it started in a more makeshift fashion. “Working with bands tied to furniture, I realized that I could get an amazing workout by combining muscle groups,” Mahoney says. “The real ‘aha’ moment came when I started doing some core work with opposing tension. Your abs are really good at cheating but when you apply tension at both ends of the body, your core has to pull the two halves together.”

The popularity of the Da Vinci system is quickly growing. “We are having a great response,” Mahoney says. “We are going to be in California, New Mexico, Arizona, and New York very soon in addition to Vermont and Florida where we are already started. I want to launch the BodyBoard system in Europe. It’s all very exciting and I am really enjoying promoting the system, mainly because it really works!”

In a 30-minute Da Vinci Bodyboard workout class, participants perform a series of movements for 60 seconds each and rest for an interval of 10 seconds in between each exercise. It may sound short and sweet, but this writer can tell you from her brief time on the Bodyboard, guided and cheered on by Wolf, that you will definitely “feel the burn” through the combination of intensity and movement. That being said, the use of elastic bands means that the board is easy on your body and the movements can be adapted to any fitness level.

If a fitness class isn’t your style, you can buy a Da Vinci Bodyboard for your home, but Shelburne Health & Fitness has seven Da Vinci boards and six certified instructors, with plans to grow to meet demand. Wolf herself teaches four public classes a week. “I really believe in the product,” she says.

For more information and a full schedule of fitness classes, visit www.shelburnehealthandfitness.com and www.davincibodyboard.com.

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