Resident named Director of Mercy Connections

Marissa Strayer-Benton

Marissa Strayer-Benton

Mercy Connections is pleased to announce that Marissa Strayer-Benton of Shelburne has joined its team as Director of Development and Marketing. Strayer-Benton has long-term ties to Mercy Connections and believes in the strong sense of community and kindness that helps to support positive change.

Strayer-Benton participated in Cycle 34 of the Women’s Small Business Program in 2006 and has remained connected to Mercy Connections through the Women’s Mentoring Program with her work in the mentoring community.  As Director of Development and Marketing, Strayer-Benton brings significant development and community engagement experience.  She believes that connection to community and empowerment are key influences for success, and she sees Mercy Connections as the perfect blend of community, education, and support.

“When you walk through the door, you feel the kindness of the Sisters of Mercy and all that Mercy Connections offers,” she explains. Strayer-Benton lives in Shelburne with her husband.

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