Resident offers art classes, workshops in Shelburne

A previous student of Elizabeth Llewellyn poses with her artwork.

A previous student of Elizabeth Llewellyn poses with her artwork.

Elizabeth Llewellyn, artist and art educator, will be offering a variety of drawing and art classes at Fox Music Studio in Shelburne. Creative Saturdays will be held the third Saturday of each month and will be devoted to two-hour workshops for beginning artists. Other weekly art classes will be offered on various weekday mornings. Llewellyn believes that everyone can benefit from art, particularly those who believe they “can’t draw.” She hopes to dispel the myth that drawing well is only possible for those with talent. “Anyone one can learn to draw. It is a teachable, learnable skill just like riding a bike or tying your shoes.”

Llewellyn has been making art ever since she was old enough to hold a crayon. She has degrees in Creative Writing, Fine Art, and Feline Behavior. For many years she was employed as a professional horse trainer and riding instructor with the British Horse Society. Today she specializes in realistic graphite and colored pencil paintings of horses. She has over 20 years of experience teaching children and adults such diverse subjects as horse riding, creative writing, feline behavior, and – of course – art! Van Gogh and Harvey, Elizabeth’s two Burmese cats, often serve as art models in her popular drawing classes.

Fox Music Studio is located at 10 Marsette Road in Shelburne. For more information and a class schedule, visit

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