Arts alive and well at Shelburne Craft School

Congratulations to the Shelburne Craft School for a great open studio party on Saturday, May 12, and overall for a promising revitalizing of arts education in our lives. After living here for eight years, I finally signed up for woodworking and wheel throwing over the winter.
All I can say is, “What took me so long?” I now know how to dovetail a joint (handy for fixing antique furniture) and I love throwing pots again for the first time since my school days. What else is great?
Connecting to a school which has been teaching crafts in that location since it started as a Works Progress Administration project in 1945. Charming sunlit studio spaces, fully equipped. And what fun it was, on Saturday, seeing pottery teachers Jules Polk and Rik Rolla throwing pots in the sunlit arts courtyard, to the cheers of small children in between live music, face painting, and a barbecue. I want to thank the staff and friends of the Shelburne Craft School. My family and I had a great time. And we’ll keep coming back.
Vicky Tamas, Shelburne

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