The Board’s Corner

By Russell Caffry

It seems like the students, faculty, and staff have just settled in at school and it’s already time for the board and administration to turn to budget season at the Shelburne Community School (SCS). Developing an annual budget is among the most important responsibilities of the SCS board. Balancing the needs of our students against the expectations of taxpayers is always a challenge but is one I feel the board has managed well.

This year, the season will kick off with a public budget forum at SCS on Oct. 8 at 7 pm, immediately following the monthly PTO meeting. As we do each year at the public forum, the board and administration will be seeking input on priorities and programs that are important to the community. Budget season culminates with Town Meeting on March 3 and a vote by Australian ballot on March 4; but a lot of important work goes on between those dates.

The following is a recap of important dates and meetings:
Oct. 8 – Public Forum at 7 pm at SCS
Oct. 9 – Regular board meeting at 7 pm at CVU
Nov. 13 – Regular board meeting at 7 pm at CVU
Nov. 20 – Budget meeting at 7 am at SCS
Dec. 4 – Budget meeting at 7:30 am at SCS
Dec. 11 – Budget meeting at 7:30 am at SCS
Jan. 8 – Budget meeting at 7:30 am at SCS
Jan. 21 – Joint town/school meeting at 7 pm at Town Hall
March 3 – Town Meeting at 7:30 pm at SCS
March 4 – Voting at Town Hall

Joining the board this year as “budget buddies” will be Chris Berger, Barbara Commeau, Deb Kilkelley, John Madden, Fran Brennan, Alice Brown, Randy Sweeney, and Courtney Tharpe.  Budget buddies are community members who volunteer their time to provide valuable insight to the process and help the board and administration understand what the community thinks.  All board meetings are open to the public, and we welcome all who would like to attend. Meeting minutes and other budget information is available on the SCS web site,

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