Horse has rough ride through Shelburne Saturday afternoon

Members of Shelburne’s Fire Dept. were called out for an unusual accident on Route 7 Saturday afternoon. According to Fire Chief Jerry Ouimet, a truck pulling a horse trailer stopped suddenly in front of the Creamery Building. The trailer contained a 20-year-old rescue horse that was in route from Fairfax to a new home in Port Kent, N.Y. The horse lurched forward with the sudden stop, and was wedged in the front of the trailer. In trying to ease the animal out, the horse slipped, landing on her side leaving her head and one front leg out of the trailer, and was unable to right herself.
An equine vet from Milton was called to sedate the horse so that the firefighters could cut through the trailer to free the horse. The process included cutting the dividing bar inside the trailer. According to the vet, following the three hour ordeal the horse was able to stand on its own, and suffered no broken bones.

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