To the residents of Shelburne

After 13 satisfying years serving the wonderful people of Shelburne, I have decided to retire as of the 2014 Town Meeting in March. I have been privileged to work with a very talented and dedicated staff, Town committees, volunteers and elected officials and together we have accomplished a great deal during my 13 years as your Town Manager. After 22 years as an orchardist it is time to wind down a 26-year career in town government.

One of my first personal goals when I started this position was to work with the staff and the Selectboard to modify the organization and properly staff each department. The goal of the reorganization was to provide Shelburne residents with the services that they deserve in the most efficient manner possible. To a large degree that was accomplished.

Government is at its best when most residents go about their daily lives unaware of how the services are provided but enjoy the excellent quality of life in Shelburne because those services are seamlessly achieved. I leave knowing that a talented and dedicated staff will carry on this legacy.

Prior to coming to Shelburne, it was obvious to me that Shelburne was a special place and its residents enjoyed an excellent quality of life. It was another of my goals to continue to enhance that quality of life. Again, working with staff, committees, and elected officials, much has been accomplished to make Shelburne a great place to live and raise a family. Among the achievements are those enhancements that provide connectivity for pedestrians and bicyclists. Those enhancements are sidewalks on Harbor Road, Route 7 in the Village, Church Street, and Mt. Philo Road. The Ti-Haul Path and the Webster Road Bike Path were built as connecting paths. A great project recently completed was the LaPlatte Nature Park and Overlook with its seven bridges, two constructed by the Shelburne/Charlotte Rotary Club and one by an Eagle Scout.

Recreation is a very important part of life in Shelburne. Working with the Recreation Department and their Committee, the athletic complex consisting of two baseball fields, three multipurpose fields along with a storage/bathroom facility were constructed to be enjoyed by generations of children, parents, and grandparents. The tennis courts were stabilized by the installation of drainage and the courts refurbished. Through proper maintenance, courts will be a great resource for many years to come.

A recent project has been the purchase of land and the installation of the Dog Park. Again this was possible by working with the property’s former owner and a dedicated Dog Park Committee. It has become a facility that is enjoyed by the many dog owners in Shelburne and the envy of surrounding communities.

I have been pleased to be a facilitator through it all. Throughout my tenure here I have had only one motivation. Each decision that I made had to answer one question; is this in the best interest of the Town. While there are some who may disagree as to whether each decision in which I was involved was in fact in the best interest of the Town, I am comfortable in my motivation and in the belief that the vast majority of Shelburne residents were in support.

Thank you for allowing me the privilege of serving you.

Paul Bohne, Town Manager

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