Summary Draft Agenda

Selectboard Meeting
Tuesday, Oct. 8, 7 pm
Shelburne Town Center

Summary Draft Agenda

1.  Call to Order
2.  Executive Session – Personnel*
3.  Reconvene regular meeting
4.  Approval of agenda*
5.  Approval of minutes of 9/24/13*
6.  Citizen participation
7.  Announcements and Selectboard comments/concerns
8.  Manager’s report
9.  Old Business
A. Public Hearing (continued) re amendments to the Shelburne Comprehensive Plan  (tent. topics:  Vol. 1 – Natural & Scenic Resources & Land Conservation,
Historic & Cultural Resources, Growth & Development & Parks & Recreation
B. Consider approving a preferred alternative produced by consultants Stantec, under CCRPC and presented to Board 9/24/13*
C. Public Hearing – consider approving amendment to Shelburne Traffic Ord. by adding stop sign at intersection of Spear St. & Bishop Rd.*
10. New Business
A. Presentation by reps. from Champlain Housing Trust re project to create transitional housing at the Econo Lodge in Shelburne
B. Consider appointing Robert Scharf as alternate to DRB for remainder of term ending 4/1/14*
C. Consider appointing Paul Orzech to DRB for unexpired term ending 2015*
11. Adjourn

*Decision Item

Reasonable accommodations shall be provided upon request to ensure the meeting is accessible to all individuals regardless of disability.

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