Co-op Solar expands to all of Chittenden County Information session April 18 at Charlotte Library

The Energy Co-op of Vermont announced that its solar hot water program, Co-op Solar, is now open to all residents of Chittenden County. The expansion was due in large part to homeowners and small business owners located outside of the initial target communities that were expressing interest in the program.

In response to concerns about rising fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions, the Energy Co-op of Vermont launched the Co-op Solar program as a simple and affordable way for residents of Chittenden County to save money and make a smart environmental choice. “It may be the best investment you can make for your home and planet,” says John Quinney, general manager at the Energy Co-op.

By partnering with Vermont-based Sunward Systems, the Energy Co-op has been able to secure a deep price discount on the solar hot water heaters. With state and federal incentives, typical installation costs are reduced by more than 50 percent. Coupled with low interest loans from VSECU, Co-op Solar systems can be cash-positive after just the first year. Over the lifetime of their solar hot water heaters, many homeowners can save more than $20,000.

Co-op Solar also makes the entire process straightforward. By taking care of permitting, and selecting top notch, certified installers, the Co-op relieves any headaches that homeowners may have had in the past.

Interested community members may want to take advantage of an information session for Co-op Solar at the Charlotte Library at 7 pm on Wednesday, April 18. Residents will learn more about getting solar hot water for your home, as well as understanding the federal and state incentives and attractive financing. RSVP to (802) 860-4090 or

For more details on the program or to sign up for a free site assessment, call the Energy Co-op of Vermont at 860-4090 or visit Co-op Solar at

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