Covering the field: Introducing Ashley Filardi

O-2-S-Covering-the-Field-Ashley-Filardi-SCAshley Filardi has a positive attitude. And not just as captain on the cheerleading squad, Filardi is optimistic in the classroom, in her extracurricular activities, and on the job. Champlain Valley Union (CVU) head cheerleading coach Michelle Filardi said it best, “Our cheer team has been fortunate to have Ashley for the past four years. Her school spirit and enthusiasm are infectious. She is enjoyable to watch during games because of her smile and positive energy,” coach Filardi commented. “Ashley has been a versatile team member of our squad. For example during stunting she held every position, base, back spot, and flyer, and has worked hard to become proficient at a round-off-back-hand-spring so that she could tumble during routines.”

Born on Dec. 22, 1995, Filardi and her family lived in White River Junction until they relocated to Charlotte when she was in the fourth grade. Her family includes parents, Michelle and Jeff, younger sister Taylor, a CVU junior, two 12-week-old kittens, Jada and Nala, and a turtle named Chip.

Filardi credits her mom for her interest in cheering. “My mom started the CVU cheer team when I was a freshman. I have to admit I was really against it at first,” she commented. “Fortunately I gave it a try for two weeks [an agreement I made with my mom] and have been stuck on cheerleading ever since.”

A four-year varsity cheerleader and senior captain, Filardi has many strengths. “I think I bring positive energy that rubs off on the team. I share my skills and knowledge with everyone so that we can be the best team we can be,” she added. “And I’m pretty good at team bonding. We came together like a family this year.” Coach Filardi is in agreement. “It’s hard to believe that this is Ashley’s last year as a CVU cheerleader. I know this experience has made high school even more exciting. We will really miss her next year.”
Cheerleading is important to Filardi, and it shows. “I organized and taught a cheerleading camp as my Grad Challenge Project this summer,” she informed. “I had 17 elementary school-age girls sign up. It was quite the challenge.” Cheerleading was also at the core of her proudest moment. “I would say my greatest achievement was when I was selected as an All-American my sophomore year. With my selection I was asked to participate in the Christmas Extravaganza Parade at Disneyworld. It was such a wonderful experience.”

Filardi has another ideal opportunity on the horizon. She plans to attend college down south. “I’m thinking the Carolinas or Florida. Going to school in the south would be a nice change for me,” she said. “It’s a chance to experience something completely different than what I’m used to.” With her positive outlook, Filardi demonstrates that attitude is everything.

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