Introducing field hockey coach Meghan Maynard

O-1-E-Megan-MaynardBy Tess Cloutier, SCS eighth grader

Meghan Maynard grew up in Waterbury Center, Vt.  Her mother was a coach at Harwood High School for field hockey and later got Meghan into the sport, along with her brother and sister. “When I could walk, my brother and sister would scrimmage on the side of the field while my mother was coaching,” Meghan remembers. As a kid, her dream job was to be an elementary school teacher.  Her dream came true when she studied at UVM. She has a major in Elementary Education and a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. After graduation, she received her master’s, also at UVM, in Curriculum and Instruction. Before she became a teacher at SCS, she volunteered two days a week as an elementary teacher at Facture Hook Elementary. Meghan now teaches third graders on the Believe team at SCS.

Along with teaching, her love of field hockey soon grew to coaching. She was inspired by her field hockey coach at UVM. Her coach urged her to continue her career in field hockey as a coach. She also started coaching for the love of the sport and so she could give back everything that she learned growing up playing field hockey. Now she volunteers coaching at CVU, 3-4 graders, and coaches the 6-8 grade teams. Meghan coaches field hockey for the 6-8 graders with co-coach Leigh Petrucelli. “The best part of coaching,” Meghan shares, “is the relationship that you build with your co-coach and the players.”  Meghan says that coaching changes her perspective on the sport because growing up playing the sport on the field, you don’t notice some of the things that you do when you’re on the sideline coaching the players.

Meghan is a fun, energetic, and informative coach. With Meghan as coach, players can enjoy learning in an exciting environment – that can help the team remember information when they are on the field playing. She doesn’t shy away from leading by example. Coach Meghan is a motivated and determined teacher, which makes the sport of field hockey a great learning experience. Meghan is a great teacher and coach and I am glad to have this rewarding skill.

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