“Fitness but fun” with Devon Morrill

Devon Morill

Devon Morill

By Sarah Clauss, SCS eighth grader

“Fitness but fun” is Devon Morrill’s self-described coaching style. She has been coaching cross-country at Shelburne Community School since she began teaching, an impressive total of six years. During this period, she has enjoyed laughing with the team, taking pictures, and constantly smiling at the antics of her runners.

Devon started her own cross-country career in sixth grade. She grew up in Concord, N.H. She describes herself as a tomboy, who loved the woods and had a passion for reading. As a child, she wanted to be a marine biologist. She pursued this dream, making it her first career. As a runner, Devon had many successes. She ran varsity in high school, captaining her team in junior and senior years. She also ran in college for a Division I school and was elected captain of the team for two years. She had a high school coach who was very inspiring to her. “[My high school coach] was crazy, and I loved her,” Devon recounts. This coach inspired her to care for her runners individually, which she works hard to do to this day.

When asked the influence that she would like to have on young runners, Devon says that she would like to inspire kids for a lifetime of fitness. One of her favorite parts about running is that it can be done anytime. Devon has been running her whole life, including while pregnant with and directly after having her two young boys. She hopes that her runners can continue their passion as well.

The Shelburne Community School cross-country team certainly has passion. On an average day on the cross-country team, there are many crazy happenings going on at once, most whole-heartedly supported by a smiling Mrs. Morrill. In fact, this positive team spirit is Devon’s favorite part of the coaching experience. She loves the laughing and togetherness of the team.

In terms of her coaching style, she aspires to be a lighthearted coach, dedicated but fun. She certainly accomplishes this. Any member of the team would attest to the fact that Devon likes to enjoy herself and make sure that the team is having a good time also. She is a crazy and loveable coach, exactly what she learned from her mentor so long ago.

Devon Morrill is, overall, the best coach that I could imagine having. I have learned a lot in my years of cross-country with this crazy, wonderful, and unforgettable mentor. Coaching this year with Margaret Ford, Mrs. Morrill is certainly leaving her mark on Shelburne students.

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