Development Review Board welcomes new members

By Carol Casey

Mark Sammutt, chair of the Development Review Board (DRB), welcomed new member Bill Stuono to the meeting on Oct. 2. Sammutt also thanked Victor Castro, a DRB member who is taking a new job out of state and wished him the best of luck in his new endeavors. Sammutt noted that the Selectboard appointed Mark Brooks to serve as alternate.
In the business portion of the meeting, the DRB approved:

  • A design review application by the Shelburne United Methodist Church to add a storage shed behind their fellowship hall,
  • A design review application by Paul and Sabine Budnitz to replace the siding on their garage at 888 Falls Road. And
  • A final plan amendment requested by Stewart and Pamela Loeb to construct a small shed outside the approved building envelope at their property at1216 Webster Road.

Three additional matters were continued until the DRB’s next meeting.

  • A request by Robert Thomas to expand the building envelope at his home at 132 Aspen Circle to accommodate a stone patio and steps. Consideration was continued until the Rivercrest Estate Condominium Association weighed in on the issue.
  • A request by Robert Scharf on behalf of Whitstable Properties, LLC to add parking places and lighting fixtures to their property at 5115 Shelburne Road. The DRB asked that the applicant provide three alternatives for the configuration of additional parking spaces for consideration because of concerns that the proposed configuration at this meeting would not allow cars to exit the property safely.
  • Proposed revisions to the application forms for boundary line adjustments and sketch plan reviews.

Before adjournment, Sammutt reported that Brian Precourt, chair of the Planning Commission, has been invited to attend the DRB’s next meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 16 to hear from DRB members about zoning issues they would like the Commission to review. General topics that may come up are whether the DRB should refer issues to the Planning Commission as they arise or refer groups of issues every six months or so, and how much discretion the DRB should exercise in evaluating applications.

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