Calendar benefits Shelburne Dog Park

Have you heard? The Shelburne Village Dog Park is raising money by creating a 2014 dog calendar. Community members are encouraged to submit a photo of their dog to the dog park email,, by Oct. 31. A fee of $1 per entry is required.

“There is no way to pay online, but there are envelopes and instruction cards on how to upload your photo in the brown mail box inside the park,” Dog Park committee member Mary West informed. “Money can be enclosed in the envelope and dropped in the large mailbox at the entrance to the park. The envelopes are printed and can be filled out so that we can match entry with payment. An explanation is provided on the new signs located in the park,” she added.

The Shelburne Village Dog Park Committee will choose one photo for each month of the 2014 year but will also include the first 365 dogs entered somewhere on the calendar! Committee members may enter the contest but are not eligible to win any of the “dog of the month” spots. It’s a great holiday gift – and an even better fundraiser for the Dog Park. Submit your dog photo today!

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