Shelburne Orchards celebrates the apple with weekend events

Senior Days will take place at Shelburne Orchards in Shelburne on Thursday and Friday, Oct. 17 and 18. If you think you’re old enough, or you bring someone old enough along with you, you can get apples on the ground (called “drops”) for only $10 a bushel.

Saturday, Oct. 19, Shelburne Orchards will host Carboy & Truckload Saturday. Attendees be able to stock up on carboy special blends, carboy equipment, and apples on the ground as you fill your car for $25, your truck for $50, or oversized truck for $75. The word “carboy” originates from the Persian word “qarabah,” which described a large glass bottle. “We’ll be doing a special blend with at least 10 apple varieties for hard cider on Carboy Saturday,” explained owner Nick Cowles. “There’s really been an increase in the past few years of the number of people who would like to make their own hard cider,” The cost is $36 for five gallons or $42 for six gallons. If you have a larger container, please drop it off earlier and we’ll decide on a price.

Orchard hours are Monday-Saturday 9 am-6 pm and Sunday 9 am-5 pm. Please visit for more information.

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