Heartworks, Renaissance Schools announce new owners

Renaissance School students celebrate May Day at the Farm Barn at Shelburne Farms.

Renaissance School students celebrate May Day at the Farm Barn at Shelburne Farms.

Louise Piche and Diane Rooney, founders of The Heartworks and Renaissance Schools, are pleased to announce the sale of the schools to Lisa and Paul Zengilowski of Hinesburg. The change in ownership occurred at the beginning of September.

“Heartworks began in 1988 with a preschool class of eight children taught by Louise and was located in the Davis Park neighborhood of Shelburne,” said Rooney. “The preschool was well received in the community and grew so quickly that a move to the farmhouse near the Teddy Bear Factory occurred three years later.”

The Shelburne preschool was the foundation of what is now three preschools – Heartworks Burlington, Heartworks Shelburne, and Heartworks Williston – and an elementary school,  The Renaissance School located on Shelburne Farms. According to Piche, “On a daily basis, there are now almost 300 children in the four schools with over 50 faculty and staff members. In addition, Heartworks has operated summer preschools, a summer adventure camp known as Adventures Unlimited, and a summer Enrichment Academy now located at The Renaissance School. Heartworks just celebrated 25 years since the start of the schools, and this seemed like a good point in time to make a transition in ownership.”

According to Rooney, “The new owners of the schools have a long association with Heartworks and Renaissance. Lisa and Paul’s two children attended the Heartworks preschools and graduated from The Renaissance School. Additionally, Lisa has worked at the schools for 12 years, first joining Heartworks as the director of the Williston Preschool and a satellite Renaissance program. In addition to her responsibilities as director of Preschool Programs, Lisa is also the director at The Renaissance School on Shelburne Farms. Paul brings a strong business background to the work of the schools and will work primarily in the main office. ”

“We’re honored to be the stewards of these wonderful programs that Diane and Louise have created,” said Lisa. “It’s been a privilege to work closely with them during the past several years, and it’s been great preparation for this transition.”

For further information, please contact Louise Piche or Diane Rooney at picheheartworks@aol.com or Lisa Zengilowski at lisa.zengilowski@heartworksvt.com.

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