Friends of the Library say thank you to community

The Friends of the Pierson Library are thrilled with the community response to our Annual Book Sale. Lots of individual gave their time and energy as well as their books to make this one of our most successful sales ever. We want to thank you all.

Gene Schinto and Inger Dybfest sort and pack all of our book donations 11 months of the year. This task is a gigantic one and we are grateful. Our poster art was again produced by Kate Elvin. Audrey Boobar is responsible for our new blue yard signs which we anticipate using for many years. Along with the Shelburne Boy Scout Troop, their families, and numerous volunteers, Paul Goodrich and the Highway Department transported tons of books to the Town Gym. We could never do this without them.

Finally, the Friends want to acknowledge Library Director Lara Keenan and the rest of the library staff for supporting us through this often chaotic endeavor. We appreciate all your help this past weekend.

Next year, on Columbus Day Weekend, will be the 50th Anniversary of our sale. There are many ways to become involved – but please no book donations until November.

Pat Elvin, Shelburne
Friends of the Pierson Library

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