Covering the Field: Introducing Tim Halvorson

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By Sheri Duff

Tim Halvorson is a leader. It is one of the first assets that Champlain Valley Union head football coach Jim Provost notes when asked about his senior right offensive tackle. “Timmy Halvorson has been a mainstay on our offensive line for the past three years. Not only has his play steadily improved during that time, what has been most apparent this year is how he has truly become the leader of the big boys in the trenches,” coach Provost boasted. “He was a unanimous pick as a captain, but more than that he has become the ‘mayor’ of the offensive line and the o-line has really evolved into a very cohesive unit. Our success this year has had a lot to do with that line, and believe me when we need a tough yard, we tell our running backs to just find #70 (Timmy).”

A Charlotte native, Halvorson’s family includes parents Kristin and Tim, older sister Lucy, a UVM senior, older brother Lawrence, a UVM sophomore, a dog named Bailey, and a cat named Rudy.

Halvorson picked up a football for the first time while at the Charlotte Central School. “I played for the Buccaneers during middle school. Everyone wanted to play football then,” he recounted.

“In high school, I made the junior varsity team as a freshman. After our season was over, I was pulled up to varsity for playoffs,” he offered.

“I have a good worth ethic. I work out and go to the gym every day,” shared Halvorson about his strengths as captain. “And I like to think I’m a good leader.” Coach Provost added, “What I will miss the most is Timmy Halvorson – the teammate. He is well respected by his fellow team members and coaches, and he certainly gets recognition from our opposing coaches as well. He is so much fun to be around! In addition to putting up with me as a head coach and my son Tyler as a positional coach, he has also endured having his father (Tim) as a member of the coaching staff the last three years, and they have both handled that situation with dignity and class.”

A three-year varsity football player and senior caption Halvorson is happy to discuss his proudest moment. “My greatest achievement is being selected for the North South All Star football game,” he said enthusiastically. “I worked hard this year to be the best I can be and it’s an honor to make the north team.”

Halvorson is not all about football. In fact, he enjoys downhill skiing for recreation and his job at a popular downtown eatery. But what may come as a surprise is that Halvorson is learning how to play piano as his Grad Challenge Project. “I’m a little musical,” he said. “I used to play trombone. Now I’m teaching myself to play the piano.”

As the football season winds down, Halvorson is contemplating his future. “I think I will study business at UVM. It’s my number one school,” he noted. Based on his successful past and special brand of talent, motivation, and leadership, Halvorson is well on his way to accomplishing his next goal.

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