In support of CVU turf fields

I am writing in support of the CVU Turf Fields Project. I am an interested community citizen; my kids are long gone from school, but I continue my involvement in helping kids through some coaching and community board involvement. Through time, I have coached hockey, baseball, basketball, and football at a variety of levels, skills, and gender. I also grew up in a family that for generations have been educators and coaches. Through those experiences, I have come to understand the value of the athletic experience as a critical element in the overall development of the person. Now as a corporate leader, I see the strengths that those who have had athletics as a part of their educational upbringing bring to their employ. A sense of team, coaching skills, communication skills, commitment to a cause, and competitiveness are a few of the elements that add to their overall performance and benefit to a company or cause.

CVU has been adversely impacted by the inability of its teams to have regular and healthy practice time due to the lack of consistent availability of its practice fields. This is because the fields are unable to hold up to virtually any level of wet weather, and once they are wet, they are quickly unplayable and in quick disrepair. In athletics, wins or losses sometimes mask the true value of what goes on in the development of the athlete and the team. The overall quality of the training and development process is paramount. I would venture to guess, as has been my experience, that most coaches have fonder memories of a particular player and their growth than some of their big wins. This is how programs grow: the players grow as individuals and as teammates, and we as the educational community reap the full benefit of the experience. For coaches, the field is the classroom, and no one would tolerate nor accept classrooms in this state of condition.

We hope that your support will help bring an athletic classroom deserving of our young people to reality.

Kevin B. McCarthy, Shelburne

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