Why I’m voting yes Nov. 5

Although it might not be ‘on the radar’ of many Shelburne residents, there is an important bond vote on Tuesday, Nov. 5. I fully support this ten-year bond for new turf athletic fields because CVU desperately needs new athletic fields. This is a simple, non-debatable fact.

Replacing damaged fields with turf has garnered tremendous support from the CSSU community. Here’s why:

1) We should do the job right. Instead of spending millions to patch-repair decaying clay-based fields, we should use the funds to install the two turf fields, saving money in the long run on maintenance and repairs.

2) Hundreds of CVU athletes will benefit from new fields. The turf fields will benefit not only varsity athletes; an increased number of usable fields means that all JV athletes will have space to practice. Further, all athletes will benefit from the increased safety of consistent surface conditions.

3) There will be little impact on taxes. The taxes generated by the proposed 1.5 million, 10-year bond will be less than $15 for a home assessed at $300,000. Because existing bond payments are decreasing for next year, there will be a net reduction in CVU bond payments even with this new turf-field bond.

4) CVU could become more of a community center. While we have wonderful facilities for indoor community events, the lack of a stadium, bleachers, and lights means that CVU hosts few major outdoor events. With the new turf fields, CVU will become a center for athletic games, even able to rent out facilities (and generate income) to outside groups.

For more information about this exciting project, please visit www.cvuhs.org. Please join me in voting yes for the Turf Fields Project on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Alice Brown, Shelburne

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