Veteran and poet Jon Turner at the Writers’ Barn

Join Iraq veteran and poet Jon Turner at the Writers’ Barn on Friday, Nov. 8, at 6:30 pm for a reading from his new collection of poems, “We Hid Our Tears with Sand.” Turner’s poems are described as a journey through war and speak to the psychological and physical wounds of war, as well as to the warrior’s reintegration back into society.

Turner served three tours of duty as an infantryman, two in Iraq. Since his return, he has been actively self-deployed with the Combat Paper and Peace Paper projects, creating handmade papers from the fabric of soldiers’ uniforms. Simultaneously, Turner has worked with the Warriors’ Writers Project, a national nonprofit program with a mission to build a community that encourages the artistic expression of veterans’ experiences and bears witness to the lived experiences of warriors.

For information on the reading or other Writers’ Barn events, contact Lin Stone at 985-3091 or

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