Fall half Marathon in town this Sunday

O-5-S-Racevermont-Race-1Racevermont.com would like to remind Shelburne residents to be careful while driving in town this Sunday, Nov. 3. The final race of the season, a half marathon, will begin at 8 am from the Shelburne Health & Fitness at The Field House. Leaving the facility, athletes will run through one of Shelburne’s most popular neighborhoods before heading out into the countryside. After a short jaunt through Shelburne Farms, runners will go north to the Shelburne Shipyard before heading south. They will continue down the Shelburne Bay Path and the historic Ti Path (the path that was once used to transport the historic Ticonderoga to the Shelburne Museum) before returning to The Field House. The race sites will be cleared and cleaned by 11 am.

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