Shelburne voters

I would like to urge all Shelburne voters to find the time on Tuesday, Nov. 5 to vote in favor of the CVU turf bond vote.

As a former chairperson for Friends of CVU, it was difficult to find initiatives that truly connected the feeder towns of CVU. Our goal with Friends was to foster a sense of unity among parents, students, staff, and the community involved with our school. Though CVU is one the best schools in our state, its size can be challenging and feel intimidating. Athletics, theater and Access CVU are some of the ways people currently come together to create that sense of community but they are limiting in promoting a broad- based sense of connectedness. By supporting the new turf fields at CVU, soon with stadium seats and lighting, just imagine what the future could hold. Homecoming games, state title competitions, and tournaments are all examples of possible events (and new revenue streams) that could bring CVU communities together.

Though safety and sustainability are top reasons to support the new turf fields, building a sense of community at CVU is priceless.

Be a “friend of CVU” and get out and vote in favor of the new turf fields.

Lori Smith, Shelburne

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