Is it Halloween yet?

Photo credit Matt Powell

All photos by Matt Powell

There was a chill in the air this past Sunday, Oct. 27, in Shelburne, and it wasn’t just from the autumn weather. Freaky floats and creepy costumes flooded Falls Road for the annual Charlotte-Shelburne Rotary Club Halloween parade. Shelburne Rescue and Fire Department were all smiles, tossing candy at an eager, costumed crowd. The Cub Scouts zipped by on a fleet of bicycles, and the Girl Scouts, on a haunted trailer, begged the question “Are you dying for Girl Scout Cookies?” (Of course we are!).

firefighters-USEThere were 15 entrants in the float contest, with Rotarian Elaine Dates as chair person. Dates selects four non-Rotarian volunteers from the surrounding towns to judge:

Float design winners:
First Place: “Sweets”
Second Place: “Timberlane Dental”
Third Place: “Shelburne Explorers 4-H”
Fourth Place: “Great Pumpkin Patch”

batcarWith a lot of hard work by the Parks and Recreation, post-parade festivities filled the Town Center Gym. Some kids played games while others just filled their trick-or-treat bags with goodies. The turn-out for the costume contest was spook-tacular! A special thanks goes to the judges given the difficult task of choosing winners from the roomful of adorable contestants – we certainly wouldn’t have been able to!

ambulanceMost Original
Pre-K: Jackson and Zandor Barone
Gr 1-2: Laurence Sheridan
Gr 3-4: Oliver Pudvar and Rusty Zin
Gr. 5-6: Tervor Cowan
Gr. 7-Adult: Amber Dulleba

Pre-K: Noella Forman and Charlie Forman
Gr. 1-2: Lilly Williams
Gr. 3-4: Lindsay Beer
Gr. 5-6: Ursala Zin
Gr. 7-Adult: Wendy Sefcik

Pre-K: N/A
Gr. 1-2: Angelica Seidita
Gr. 3-4: Sam Williams, Anders Erikson
Gr. 5-6: Conner Lewis
Gr. 7-Adult: Caitlin Waddick

Most Colorful
Pre-K: Malin Wilde
Gr. 1-2: Ella Ahrens
Gr. 3-4: N/A
Gr. 5-6: Abby and Laragh
Gr. 7-Adult: Janet Franz

Pre-K:  Kayden Deschamps
Gr. 1-2: Molly Fairhurst
Gr. 3-4: Abbie Harris
Gr. 5-6: Kifa
Gr. 7-Adult: Kelly and Glen Story

Most Authentic
Pre-K: Charlotte Chant
Gr. 1-2: Ariel Toohey
Gr. 3-4: Anna Kudriavetz
Gr. 5-6: Gabriela Torrens-Sperry
Gr. 7-Adult: Allie Lazar

hotdogCheck out more photos of the parade and costume contest on the Shelburne News Facebook page.

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