Davis Park Pavilion nears completion

Above, David Kerr and Rene Gagnon work on the roof of the Davis Park Pavilion, an Eagle Scout Project. Photo by John Kerr

Above, David Kerr and Rene Gagnon work on the roof of the Davis Park Pavilion, an Eagle Scout Project. Photo by John Kerr

By Nancy Kerr

The Davis Park Pavilion, David Kerr’s Eagle Scout Project, is close to being finished. Green paint, a little sanding, some landscaping and sealant on the wood, and the project will be a wrap.

Kerr conceived the idea of a performance pavilion for Davis Park last year as his Eagle Scout project. Shielded from sun and snow, this will be a fabulous spot to sit and picnic, or just rest in the shade.

This project has become a large part of Kerr’s life for the past several months. After the approval and permitting process was completed in June, Kerr and his father began working 20-30 hours a week on this endeavor.

A multitude of scouts and community members have spent countless hours assisting with this project. As Kerr recounts, “Easily, this venture has consumed 1,500 to 2,000 man hours. Imagine if you were paying all these people. This would have cost $37,000 to $40,000 to build in labor cost.”

Kerr acknowledges that this project could not have been completed without the help of Rene Gagnon, the Major family, Sam Davit, Ed and Forrest Hamilton, Bret Bundock, the Calacci family, and many others.

Kerr recounts two stories that have shown incredible dedication on the part of the Vermont community. “A scout leader from Milton heard about my project, and he and his brother and his two sons came all the way down on two different days to help us out!” Kerr shares. “The afternoon we were pouring concrete, the gentleman driving the truck came all the way back up from Middlebury after his work day ended to help finish the concrete, which took until 10 pm that night.”  Kerr says his dad, John, has been his biggest supporter along the way: “I simply could not have done this without everyone’s help, particularly my dad.”

As part of the Eagle Scout process, Kerr is required to do all of his own fundraising. Rice Lumber agreed to donate some building materials. Kerr has had to raise close to $4,000 to cover additional building costs. Through a mailing he sent out and a ‘word of mouth’ campaign, he raised close to $1,700. He also applied and received a $1,000 SCHIP Grant, with a matching grant from an anonymous donor.

Kerr hopes everyone will take the time to drop by and see the Davis Park Pavilion.

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