DRB discusses problematic issues with Planning Commission members

By Carol Casey

Brian Precourt, chair of the Planning Commission – along with Commission members Ron Bouchard, Dick Elkins, Ann Hogan, and Jaime Heinz – attended the Development Review Board (DRB) meeting on Nov. 6 to solicit the DRB’s input on potential zoning changes to be considered by the Planning Commission. Precourt noted the Commission welcomes input from the DRB at any time but wanted to come to this meeting to keep lines of communication open. The DRB suggested the Historic Preservation and Design Review Commission be given authority to have final approval for design review applications and to empower the Zoning Administrator to approve simple applications, freeing up time for the Planning Commission to consider more complicated requests. Precourt suggested the Planning Commission adopt a “consent agenda” process for such applications. DRB member Mark Sammutt recommended the Planning Commission consider waiving the periphery buffer requirement for redevelopment in a PUD, as requested by the Goldsmiths for their proposed expansion of the former Shelburne Industries site. Precourt reported that the Planning Commission will be considering that issue. DRB member Bill Stuono recommended adopting stricter standards for fencing and seawalls. Sammutt also suggested setting enforcement standards to ensure structures are actually built according to the approved plans. Other issues mentioned included allowing more inclusive conditional use definitions and adopting design guidelines for temporary signs. Planning Commission member Bouchard is already working on the latter.

The Commission adopted recommended updates to Boundary Line Adjustment Application and Sketch Plan Applications forms, also signing the Findings of Fact and Notice of Decisions for Robert Sharf’s application for parking and other changes at 5115 Shelburne Road, the Makays’ application for constructing a lakeshore erosion control structure at 357 Ordway Shore Road, Jeff Halvorsen’s application for constructing a lakeshore erosion control structure at 422 Lands End Lane, and the Buleys’ request for a Final Plan amendment to allow a five-foot extension of their driveway at 520 Sycamore Street. The Commission held public hearings and engaged in discussion of these applications in October.

In other business, the DRB:

  • Approved a Design Review Application from Glenn and Barbara Johnson for a window replacement, a new door in place of an existing window, and a new roof over the new and existing rear doors of their residence at 636 Falls Road and
  • Approved a Design Review Application from Lauren Lawson for a cedar deck and stone patio at 1007 Falls Road. Both have already been constructed, but Ms. Lawson was not aware that a design review and building permit were required.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 20, at 7 pm in the Municipal Center.

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