Center Stage: Corbin Hill

N-2-E-Center-Stage-Corbin-Hill-SCBy Laurie Caswell Burke

Vermont Commons School (VCS) has a long tradition and commitment to the arts, and senior Corbin Hill has engaged in a variety of arts-oriented activities during the past two years. Hill played Fabian in VCS’s spring production of “Twelfth Night” and became fascinated with the technical aspects of the set, namely the lights and sound. Hill, who was born and raised in Shelburne, has visited New York City museums; traveled to Montreal, Canada, and Rome; and participated in a variety of hands-on learning activities thanks to VCS’s Encounter Weeks. In January, he will attend the Sundance Film Festival; this will be the eighth year that Cara Simone, academic dean/dean of faculty, leads a trip of VCS students to this well-known event. As a student who enjoys drama, Hill has been able to thoroughly experience the arts thanks to VCS.

Hill recently returned from a Model UN program at Brown University. He worked on International Police Organization (Interpol) and was a delegate from the Czech Republic, meeting students from around New England. Hill loves flying and began taking private flying lessons at age 16, earning his pilot license a year later. So far, he has flown as far as Albany, N.Y. and enjoys flying to Basin Harbor for a fun restaurant called The Red Mill. Hill also loves skiing as a member of the VCS ski club.

Currently, Hill is busy with college applications; he is drawn to warmer weather but does not want to limit his options. His academic interests span from business to economics and entrepreneurship. Clearly, Hill is a student with a range of interests and talents that will continue to flourish throughout his college career.

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