Brilliant high school students offer their secrets

Summer math tutoring by teens for younger students benefits youth and local nonprofit

Looking for a fun and affordable way to keep your student’s math skills sharp in between school years? Look no further: TeenOpps is offering thrice-weekly tutoring sessions throughout the summer. The tutoring sessions are geared towards students in 3rd to 8th grade and taught by high school students who have demonstrated excellence in mathematics. All sessions are one on one, lasting either half an hour or an hour. This service is intended for younger students to practice and deepen their understanding of previously introduced math content with the help of outstanding young adult role models.
The Summer Math Tutoring program is aligned with the mission of TeenOpps, a Shelburne-based nonprofit. TeenOpps works to engage Vermont teens with the world around them by offering an online repository of age-appropriate opportunities, including jobs, internships, community service, and more. Many high school students have taken advantage of this free resource to find employment, fill community service hours or participate in community initiatives like the recent Burlington online crowd-sourcing city planning project or IBM’s online computer game, CityOne, that explores the use of technology to create smart cities.
TeenOpps is run by a board of directors and advised by a Teen Advisory Board, made up of high school juniors and seniors from Chittenden County. The teen board was formed with the intention of giving teenagers primary input into the site’s features and function. Teen board members also work to publicize the site and obtain sponsors. TeenOpps is currently looking for high school rising juniors to join the board.
Sessions will take place at the Shelburne Town Hall and the Pierson Library. Registration is required. Email or visit, for more information.

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