“Bears & Friends” campaign begins

For the past eight years, the likes of Marshmallow Moose, Fletcher Frog, and Sweet Pablo Puppy have raised awareness and brought help to those impacted by disaster across our region. These cuddly creatures are part of the Vermont & the New Hampshire Upper Valley American Red Cross’s “Bears and Friends” campaign. With generous financial support of $5,000 from PC Construction, the Red Cross is announcing the kickoff of this year’s campaign.

Across the region, more than 130 retailers, banks, restaurants, and other businesses have signed on to sell the stuffed animals during the holiday season. At only $10, the animals are an affordable gift for family or friends and will provide support to families during times of great need. All of the proceeds go to support Red Cross disaster relief, ensuring that a helping hand is there to support anyone struck by fire, flood, or other disaster. A goal of raising $60,000 has been set for this year.

Blossoms Bunny, Motley Cow, and all the rest come from Mary Meyer, a family-run business out of Townshend, Vt. that sells quality stuffed animals and other toys.

The “Bears and Friends” campaign runs from Nov. 25 through the Dec. 31.  To find a list of partners across the region who will be selling these fun and helpful stuffed animals, please visit www.redcross.org/vermont.

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