Safety Spot

by Jim Buell, 2nd Asst. Chief Shelburne Fire Department

This Thanksgiving holiday, the kitchen becomes a very active place in our homes. There are a lot of people around; our children (and other adults) all want to help with the preparations for a yummy meal, but safety is also an important part of the day. Take a few minutes to practice some basic safety tips, and we can all be thankful for another fantastic and safe holiday.

  • Stay in the kitchen when you are cooking and keep a watchful eye on your food.
  • Stay in the house so that you are aware if things go awry.
  • Keep little ones away from the stove to avoid burn injuries.
  • Keep the floor clear of items and wipe up any spills to avoid slip-and-fall hazards.
  • Keep sharp objects, like knives, far away from the reach of small children.
  • Be sure the cords on your electric appliances are kept away from the sink and are not frayed or tied in knot – or anything that may cause a failure and start an electrical fire.
  • Keep track of matches and lighters and place candles in secure, non-tip containers.
  • Make sure your smoke detectors are working and everyone is aware of your home escape plan and family meeting place.

N-4-Safety-SpotOn behalf of the membership of the Shelburne Fire Department and all of Shelburne’s Emergency Services (Police, Dispatch, Fire, and EMS), we want to wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving and a happy Hanukah, as this joyous season begins. And remember…

Fire Prevention/Safety isn’t just one week of the year, but all 52!

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