Lawrence Halvorson

Lawrence Halvorson

Lawrence Halvorson is dedicated. It’s just one of many compliments Champlain Valley Union (CVU) head baseball coach Tim Albertson pays his starting right fielder. “Lawrence is one of those guys who has an incredible work ethic. He is quick kid who has both agility and ability. Not to mention his strong throwing arm,” coach Albertson continues. “He is a leader to the guys and a consummate team player. Lawrence is always willing and eager to do whatever is necessary to help the team.”
Born on June 22, 1994, Halvorson and his family moved to Charlotte from Burlington when he was one. His family includes parents, Kristin and Tim, older sister Lucy, a UVM sophomore, younger brother Timmy, a sophomore at CVU, and a new puppy named Bailey, an American Eskimo and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever mix.
Halvorson labels his first memory of baseball regrettable. “When I was pretty young my dad threw a baseball into the air for me to catch. All I can remember is waking up on the couch with an egg on my forehead.” Fortunately the mishap was not a deterrent to the sport because Halvorson played in the Charlotte Little League from age five until high school.
A four year varsity player, Halvorson began his CVU baseball career as a second baseman. A year later he was given the opportunity to play right field and it stuck. “I was able to start playing right field when our regular left fielder couldn’t leave work one day and our regular right fielder had to play in his spot. I was lucky and had a good outing,” he commented. “I haven’t moved since.” It’s obviously not luck that contributes to the teams’ successes. And it’s definitely not Halvorson’s pre-game ritual of not thinking about baseball that has the Redhawks second in the Division I standings. It’s more likely that his preparation and dedication has helped the team continue its nine game winning streak and extend its record to 13-1 with two games to go before playoffs.
“Making the varsity team as a freshman is my proudest accomplishment to date,” Halvorson mentioned. “I still remember that someone laughed at me for thinking I could make the team. That’s why I am especially proud of that achievement,” he shared. Although coach Albertson didn’t have time to confirm his stats, he mentioned two additional achievements Halvorson can be proud of. “I think he is tied for most stolen bases this year and he has been averaging a hit a game.”
In addition to baseball, Halvorson found himself organizing a pick up ice hockey league as his Grad Challenge Project. “I organized a pick up hockey league that played once a week, either Friday or Saturday, all winter long at the Charlotte Central School rink,” he explained. “Except for the frostbite…we had a really good time.”
Ready to attend the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, R.I. Halvorson will pursue his interest in business with a specialty in entrepreneurial management. “I chose URI because I wanted to get out of Vermont, and by some dumb luck I might be able to play on the baseball team there,” he mentioned.
For the record, luck will have little to do with making the team. Instead I’m confident Halvorson’s preparation and dedication to the sport will help him hit one out of the park.

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